Wen-Chih Chen

Wen-Chih Chen Professor and Chairperson

  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • Operations Research, Data-driven Optimization, Decision Analysis, Operations and Supply Chain Management
+886-3-5731857 | Email: wenchih.chen [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB504
Yung-Chia Chang

Yung-Chia Chang Professor

  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University, USA
  • Supply Chain Management, Production/Logistics Management, Production Scheduling, Decision Analysis, Quality Management
+886-3-5731815 | Email: jasmine.chang [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB509 | Lab
Sheng-I Chen

Sheng-I Chen Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Operations Research, Healthcare Systems, Supply Chain Management
+886-3-5131454 | Email: sichen [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB513 | Lab
Tin-Chih Chen

Tin-Chih Chen Distinguished Professor

  • Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • Operational Research, Semiconductor Manufacturing Management, Applied Soft Computing, Ambient Intelligence
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57319 | Email: tcchen [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB407
Hui Chih Hung

Hui-Chih Hung Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, USA
  • Optimization, Scheduling, Queueing
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57305 | Email: hhc [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB504
Hsueh-Yi Lai

Hsueh-Yi Lai Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Cognitive Ergonomics, Organizational Ergonomics, System Safety, Qualitative Research, User research
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57320 | Email: hylai [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB408

Chun-Cheng Lin Distinguished Professor

  • Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Smart Manufacturing, Metaheuristic Algorithm, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Computational Management Science
+886-3-5731758 | Email: cclin321 [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB501
Yi-Kuei Lin

Yi-Kuei Lin Lifetime Chair Professor

  • Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • Network Reliability, Intellectual Manufacturing, Machine Learning, Green Resilience Supply Chain, Dynamic Quality Management, Service Science & Management
+886-3-5131317 | Email: yklin [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB410 | Lab
Chien-Liang Liu

Chien-Liang Liu Professor

  • Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57309 | Email: clliu [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB505 | Lab
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Wen Lea Pearn Lifetime Chair Professor

  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, USA
  • Process Capability Analysis, Quality Management, Network Optimization, Applied Statistics
+886-3-5731630 | Email: wlpearn [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB503

Hung-Ping Tung Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • Statistics, Reliability Analysis, Experimental Design
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57320 | Email: hptung [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB412
Chih Hsuan Wang

Chih-Hsuan Wang Professor

  • Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Data Mining & Analytics, Time Series & Machine Learning, Product Development & Technology Forecasting, Service Science & Operations Management
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57310 | Email: chihswang [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB411
Chia-Huang Wu

Chia-Huang Wu Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • Statistical Simulation, Quantitative Quality Technology, Process Capability Analysis, Queueing System, Six Sigma Method, Optimization Theory and Applications
+886-3-5712121 ext. 57318 | Email: jacalwu [at] nycu.edu.tw | Office: MB406